Make your office ready for remote work!

Easy and smart integration of remote staff into your office life — from onboarding & planning, enabling & motivation of remote employees down to office size & cost optimisation

Profit from remote work — downsize your office

Save monthly up to
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Remote staff to work 1-2 days a week in the office using flex desks. Further assumptions made as for average new office in Berlin

"We will see 25-30% of the workforce working at home one or more days a week within the next two years"*

Is your company ready for it?

Realise full potential of remote work

Minimise risks

Through automated on-boarding, WFH-workplace compliance and fast COVID-19 reaction

Increase productivity

Save time of HR & office managers, enable remote workers with life hacks and extra communication

Gain transparency

On WFH-staff numbers & time-plans, equipment & satisfaction level and office utilisation

Strengthen loyalty

Through extra tax & insurance advise, corporate WFH goodies, WFH events

Save cash

By downsizing office space and cutting related expenditures

We provide "must have" support to organise the remote work right

  • Onboard remote staff taking care of communication rules, compliance, HSE, workplace quality, etc.
  • Plan number of remote workers – monthly, weekly, daily
  • Have WFH contingency plan for further COVID-19 peaks
  • Manage and support remote staff with life hacks, morning check-ins, 1-to-1 and team chats, etc.
  • Motivate remote staff with perks to increase productivity & make employees happy
  • Downsize your office and save costs (our clients save up to 30% of rent not compromising on quality)

Our history

We know all pain points of companies facing remote work, especially now during COVID-19 crises

We designed and optimised dozens of offices for Berlin based startups, agencies & VCs - to save cost and enable effective team work

We managed offices - taking care of hundred things in parallel to make employees happy and secure smooth operations

We founded officeguru to make your office life better & more flexible at lower costs. Our track record so far:


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Please select most critical WFH-related issues

Application & approval, compliance & HSE, workplace check, guidelines...
Plan WFH/office days, book a desk/ room in the office, coordinate team...
Morning check-in, 1–to–1, group chats, life hacks, feedback...
WFH events, corporate perks (i.e. lunch delivery) and special offers...
Office downsize, new lay-out to integrate flex desks, office cost saving, sub-let...
We are eager to learn and discuss you further WFH-concerns and goals.

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