Office scheduling with ease

We simplify remote work and office management with our people focused scheduling platform

Remote work is here to stay


of German managers

expect greater demand for home-office from employees

Fraunhofer-Institut fur Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation

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Five easy steps to effective management
of hybrid workspaces

Schedule workplaces


With our easy to use platform you can easily view and manage all personal attendance, wether working from home or coming to the office. We provide both daily and weekly views for those who are keen on planning ahead. All done via the desktop platform, our nifty app and even via slack chat bot.

Analyze your office needs


We encourage our users to use real time data and reporting analyses to make smart decisions regarding their space and operational expenses. We want you to control and minimize your time, effort and money spend; so that you can distribute it smartly to accomidate "new work" requirements.

Manage your hybrid office


Office management has never been so easy. With or dual booking functions we allow staff to book meeting rooms and desks at the office, and provide office supply booking for office managers.

Gain visibility on workforce


See who's working and where to coordinate attendance and boost productivity. Use feedback option to check employees well-being and optimise team work.

Support remote employees


Ensure employee satisfaction and efficency with our people focused features; alongside a booking tab for potential goodies (like lunches or internet upgrade)

Optimise your hybrid office now

Plug&play - easy installation, onboarding in 5 minutes

No hardware or floor plans required

«One-click» UX for most functions

Open API’s for partners’ offers

Easy integration with:


Microsoft Teams

Heaven HR

Google calendar

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People focused platform made by people who care


of the workforce

prefer to work at home one or more days a week

Jones Lang LaSalle


of companies

plan to extend home office offer after COVID-19 in Germany

Fraunhofer-Institut fur Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation

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Online scheduling

Allow employees to plan, whether they come to the office or work from home. Coordinate teams’ office days for better collaboration

Space management

Save money by understanding your workplace needs and provide a better experience for your team in or out the office.

Quick & easy

We help you customise and optimise your hybrid office with a few simple steps

We facilitate employee happiness and wellness with benefits and other perks

People first